Information Technology

A key part to our successful IT services is to plan a long-term strategy for your business that leverages efficiencies from your existing infrastructure and network. This ensures we maximise your potential to save money and increase performance.

Dump De Fridge’s IT consultants can work with your existing IT department or take on the entire project if required.

We provide a full range of products and services to tailor for all IT solutions for both Business and Home.

Our services span from pc repairs to complete network design and implementation. All of our engineers are fully experienced and Microsoft Certified.

We pride ourselves in giving even a small company access to highly-skilled people without the expense of maintaining a large in-house Information Technology department.

Please click on the below links for more detailed information about the IT services we provide for both business and home, including web design.


Business Services

Secure & Reliable Systems
Dump De Fridge places emphasis on proactive support to pick up any system faults before they can disrupt your business. We specialise in system support, server set up, network security, email services and web design.
Internet Services & Network Security
Networks that are permanently connected to the Internet via broadband are vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers and virus infection. Having a well-configured firewall will block uninvited visitors whilst allowing limited access to authorised users and services.

Dump De Fridge can provide a fully managed service, stopping all email, web and any threats before they reach your network, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We will analyse your existing network and make recommendations to ensure your data is secure and confidential. In turn we will draw up a security policy for your employees.
Email is an essential resource for companies today and it is vital to ensure accessibility from different workstations, remote locations and also on the move with mobile and other devices. Our email solution covers email distribution for employees with security and spam filtering built in. We prevent misuse and guarantee email privacy. Spam and inappropriate content is also blocked.
Web Services
Dump De Fridge's multi layered technology and URL filtering capability gives you peace of mind against web threats and associated risks. This safeguards your business against web-borne malware, misuse and offensive content.
Network Support
Our network solutions ensure your systems are kept in the best possible health. Dump De Fridge’s automated network monitoring system warns of potential issues before they become critical problems, enabling us to rectify them efficiently. With remote support we also can resolve issues immediately to allow your business continuity.

Our network solutions cater to a simple second line support for existing staff or a complete outsource of your network.
Virus/Spyware Prevention
Having virus and spyware protection can effectively reduce compromising your IT system. How effective this is relies importantly on how the software is configured and is regularly updated to prevent the latest viruses from entering your system.

We can provide guidance on how to avoid virus infection and advise on the most suitable software for your business to minimise risk.
Disaster Recovery & Offsite Backup
Disasters can occur with your data when you least expect it. It’s vital that your business can be operational again as soon as possible and critical data urgently recovered.

Dump De Fridge can provide your business with a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure you are managing: Data back up, documentation about your back ups, a tried and proven recovery solution and offsite storage and backup.
Improve Productivity & Collaboration
Dump De Fridge can offer a document sharing solution that centralises document storage through a SharePoint service product. This will increase productivity and collaboration, ensuring the latest versions of documents are always used and managed centrally.
Office Relocation Services
Business continuity is vital during any office relocation when transferring your IT system from one location to another. A technically complex job with associated threats and risks can be mitigated through effective planning, facilitation and managing these changes by our office relocation service.
Remote Access
As companies expand and conduct business internationally, it is important for them to be able to access their IT systems from anywhere in the world. Dump De Fridge’s IT Solutions can provide this flexibility to access your files and data, connecting to your company’s intranet and email system wherever you may be travelling.

Home Services

Dump De Fridge’s IT Solutions are also applicable for the home. When attending to an issue with your computer/s we will give you a full report explaining what the problem was, how we fixed it and importantly a prevention plan. Please find below a list of IT services we offer for the Home.
System Health Check
PC’s tend to run slower as time goes by and even sometimes crash. This can be caused by both hardware and software problems. Health checks on your computer/s ensure they are working efficiently as possible.
This includes: Virus software checking and updates, personal data back up, spyware removal, applications management, hard drive defragmentation and firewall and wireless network inspection.
Upgrades and Repairs
A full diagnostic will be run on your computer/s where we will suggest a cost effective solution to either upgrade or repair your pc. Whether a performance issue inhibited by insufficient memory or other deficiencies, Dump De Fridge provides you with peace of mind that we will try and fix any problem before recommending any hardware upgrade for your PC or laptops.
Internet Sharing
In your home you want the flexibility to share Internet access across all devices. We can provide you with the means necessary to configure the most appropriate set up for your home. We can also implement required restrictions on time spent on the web and content to protect your children from accessing harmful sites.
Home Networking
The home environment has become increasingly busier with children growing up and more individuals needing access to the Internet. In this case, you may consider home networking so you can share files, printers and one Internet connection among various computers and laptops.
Virus/Spyware Prevention
Having virus and spyware protection can effectively reduce compromising your home computers. How effective this is relies importantly on how the software is configured and is regularly updated to prevent the latest viruses from entering your system.
We can provide guidance on how to avoid virus infection and advise on the most suitable software to minimise risk of viruses in your home computer/s.

Web Design

Dump De Fridge’s experienced web design team will cater for all website requirements, whether you are a new Start Up business about to launch or an existing business with a website that is in need of a make over.

Each business is as different as we all are individuals and your objective should be to reflect your brand’s key messages and a design to suit your target audience and stand out from your competitors.

Dump De Fridge will initially plan your website’s architecture to ensure the customer journey is efficient and so that they can gain easy access to information quickly and simply.

We then build your content, making sure it is easy to understand and is informative, including relevant images.

The overall design of your website will collaborate with any branding services that you may have undertaken with us or have had done already yourself. Your design elements, including logo, colour palette and fonts will be incorporated for an integrated branding platform for your website.

Finally, Dump De Fridge can manage your domain name that also coordinates with your business strategy and branding requirements. We can also host your website.